Meet Our New Group Class Instructor – Kat Moulton

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Kat Moulton is passionate about not only fitness but health, wellness, and nutrition.  A group exercise instructor since 2014, she loves to motivate people to push past their self-doubt and perceived limitations.  Kat brings upbeat energy to her classes and she will definitely keep you motivated.

After experiencing repetitive injuries from years of multi-sport activities, she started strength training in 2011.  That’s where her love for functional movement, strength, and conditioning began.  “It’s so important to stay ahead of all the factors that change, as we get older.  This is especially true for women.  It’s not just about metabolism and bone health, but coordination, balance, mood and energy regulation, better sleep and that all important, me time.”

Outside of the gym, Kat enjoys traveling and outdoor adventures with her husband and two daughters.  She loves to create healthy meals for her family and discover new ways to “hack” into getting optimal nutrition.

Please help me welcome Kat to the team.

Join one of Kat’s MetEx classes here.

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