Resolution Reboot: Why Right Now is Actually a Better Time to Start

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We all had our best intentions to start our health and fitness journey at the beginning of the year. With the calendar year changing it, mistakenly, feels like the best time to make big changes and start a new plan.  It’s”New Year, New You”, right?

The problem is that it’s the same you and unfortunately, the last digit of the “year” on your calendar increasing somehow didn’t make you magically change or become more motivated and your bad habits didn’t vanish.  The fitness industry takes advantage of this and pours gimmicky workout products down your throat while gyms over-sell you on unrealistic short term “Challenges” or “Transformations” that are not built for long term success.

January 1st, however, is really just an arbitrary moment in time and for those of us up here in the North East in coincides with the most challenging time of year. It’s dark, it’s cold, people are sick, we are exhausted from the holidays, snow makes traveling difficult. year-end job tasks keep us overly busy, and elastic waisted sweatpants are just too warm and comfortable to pass up. Add all that up and “New Years” becomes an awful time to try to make important habit changes.

As we turn the corner on Winter we have a great chance for a Resolution Reboot. The days slowly become warmer and longer and that tiny amount of inspiration can be just what we need to stay motivated to perform the tedious tasks required to improve our health such as working out and cooking our meals. If you failed on our “New Year’s” resolution you now have some hindsight as to what things you’re actually willing to do and what was unrealistic. You can now create a better plan for your lifestyle. Soon it will also be time to put away the layers of clothes and those comfortable elastic waisted sweatpants in exchange for much smaller articles of clothing (gasp) and dare I say, “bathing suits”.

Cementing healthy habits usually takes 6-8 weeks of performing them consistently. If you were to start NOW  8 weeks of consistent workouts and healthy eating lines you right up with those invigorating warm days of May with the Summer to follow. Focusing on a “summer body” in the darkness of early January can be a bit daunting, but at this time of year, you can see the sunlight at the end of the tunnel.

So, if you weren’t able to reach your resolution goals… MOVE ON! Pick yourself back up and try again. We have a few great ways to get you started.



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We hope to see you soon.

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