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We Now Offer
Sports Massage!

With our Head Coach, Ariel Wahl.


Regular massage therapy on top of regular strength training can help prevent injury, keep pain at bay, & release tension build-up before small nagging problems become larger, chronic problems

You Do Not Need To Be An Athlete To Get a Sports Massage!

If you have a body, you are an athlete. At Seacoast Strength, we strive for our members to see & feel progress in the form of moving better and feeling better in order to perform better in their chosen sport. “Sport” means anything in this instance, it could be more traditional like football or soccer, or more recreational like lifting, jogging, hiking, or even playing with your kids!

What is A Sport Massage?

Sport massage is like any regular massage, but with a more specific focus.

While relaxation is inherently part of any massage experience, sport massage goes beyond general relaxation by combining many modalities such as deep tissue, heat therapy, cupping, & instrument-assisted work to get to the source of your pain and recover faster.


Every Session is Catered to Your Individual Needs

We use a combination of traditional massage therapy, cupping, hot stones, heat and Instrument-assisted (Graston) work to help get to the root of your pain.

Pay Per Session

45 min - $95

60 min - $120

75 min - $139

Monthly Massage Membership

45 min - $79

60 min - $99

75 min - $119

First Time? We Always Offer 10% Off Your First Treatment!

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